June 8, 2015: Qualitia, the leader in Scriptless Test Automation, has announced its plan to expand in European market. It has entered into a partnership with Assioma.net, a leading IT consultancy company in Italy providing development and systems integration services.

Qualitia’s scriptless software testing technique virtually eliminates the programming required by conventional test automation methods, reduces testing time by up to 60 percent and cuts testing costs by up to 65 percent.

“Qualitia is a recognized leader in the category of Scriptless Test Automation with proven track record and customer success stories. Considering the huge global market for test automation and rising popularity of Qualitia, we are expanding our reach to newer markets through various strategic partnerships,” said Rahul Chaudhari, Managing Director and CEO of Qualitia.

Assioma.net operates in a market that demands considerable technology skills but with local presence. Assioma.net has become a leader in the Italian Software Quality market providing services to commercial, industrial, institutional and government entities with the aim of helping clients improve their competitiveness and efficiency.
“With Qualitia, our customers will be able to implement test automation with ease and confidence ensuring faster release cycles with highest quality index. Qualitia’s ability to handle automation complexities while building stable and reliable automation suites will add tremendous value for our customers. ”, said Daniele De Stradis President of Assioma.net.