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Business Oriented Solutions


Business Intelligence as a process control system

We provide business solutions oriented in order to ensure to the customer the management, control and performance measurement in the business processes.


What is Business Intelligence?

The idea was conceived in 1958 by an IBM researcher who wrote an article: "A Business Intelligence System." In this article, "Intelligence" was defined as:

The capability to understand the relations between different company phenomena, in order to have an approach to guide the actions to achieve a desired goal

  • In the literature the business intelligence is mentioned as the process of "transformation of data and information into knowledge." The software used is intended to enable people to take strategic decisions by providing accurate informations, timely and meaningful in the context of reference
  • The data generated by several systems (accounting, production, R&D, CRM etc..) can be stored in specific databases called datawarehouses, which retain the  informative quality. The people involved in the processes of business intelligence, to collect, store, analyze and distribute information are using software applications and other technologies



Why do I need a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence?

In many organizations, the need for a system of DWH and BI is not necessary:, in most circumstances the benefits are not appreciated. We try to describe the main reasons for which it is useful to adopt such systems:

• All information in one place

• Information always updated

• Quick access to

• No size limit

• Availability of historical data

• Easy to understand

• Clear and uniform definitions

• Data Standardization

Pentaho: Open Source solution for Business Intelligence

There are several suites available on the market to build systems of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, either commercial or Open. The research Open Source solutions is very often  imposed by license fees. Among these, Pentaho is without doubt the  most complete suite used in the world.