Iceberg Project

The ICEBERG Project is coordinated by and involves academic and industry partners: The ICEBERG Project, which started in February 2013, is part of the MARIE CURIE INDUSTRY-ACADEMIA PARTNERSHIPS AND PATHWAYS (IAPP) EU cooperation programme (FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP call for proposals). The project is scheduled to end in 2016.

Cartesio Project

The Cartesio Project is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses operating in TLC services. Its purpose is to supply them with a new way of working and applying selected business development and company management strategies. These selected strategies have been the most successful in the past decades around the world. The method developed consists of two complementary tools:
  • the Cartesio Matrix, that aims at defining needs, and procedures for intervening. This matrix makes the analysis of company business easier by cross-referencing certain market and economy parameters; moreover, it supplies agile, working answers specially focused on achieving specific results in terms of product/service improvement.
  • the Cartesio Business Intelligence Tool, that aims at measuring performance, in order to check and monitor the actual benefits of the identified solutions.

Butterfly Project

The aim of the Butterfly Project is to identify early warning signs that enable Managers to adopt a predictive approach to the company's 'health status'. The project stems from a systemic approach resulting from the application of some ideas on some projects:
  • management of EU funds (collaboration with CSI Piemonte)
  • prediction and management of corporate cash flow
  • management of credit lines, monitoring and planning of needs (collaboration with the BCC bank)
  • fine-tuning of a prediction tool applied to incident flows in Fastweb (collaboration with the SD area)