The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies to Software Quality as much as it does to all the other aspects of human existence.

It is therefore absolutely essential to identify and remove errors from the very first stages of software life cycle. The complexity of the current economic situation makes this crucial, because choosing the right software development technology and methods can rapidly transform into strategic competitive advantage.

According to recent estimates, errors introduced into applications in the very early phases of the software’s life cycle account on average for up to 40% of a project’s rework. There is also proof that errors remediation costs increase exponentially the further “downstream” they are in the application’s life cycle.

Improving intrinsic software quality provides advantages both to IT and to business. Applied to IT, this means speedier application delivery and reduced development and maintenance costs. Business-wise, it guarantees high levels of service in company processes, higher productivity and a positive brand experience for customers. offers a broad range of performance and structural tests, as well as services for resource and process optimisation and management in the field of quality software – all aimed at combining increased quality levels with lower costs.